Valentine Film Special: "The Artist"

I wasn't planning to post anything special just because I'm a single sad grumpy pants nonetheless since I've been recommending The Artist left and right to everyone in real life and happens to be the perfect movie to watch on Valentine's Day, here's a Valentine feature for the film. I haven't watched too many silent films in the past (some featuring Greta Garbo or Charlie Chaplin and Nosferatu at most) however Michel Hazanavicius did a fantastic job of bringing silent films back into mainstream attention. Not that I don't there would be a spate of silent films to be produced afterwards like the way that Avatar made 3D films trendy, but it certainly did shake up the cinematic landscape with the way it's winning award everywhere. Jean Dujardin is really really really good at playing the down and out protagonist George Valentin and I swooned when I saw him on screen, not because of his good looks necessarily, but simply at how refreshingly old Hollywood looking he is. Bérénice Bejo also shines as Peppy Miller, but is still overshadowed by Dujardin's sparkling performance. Though he's not featured in the photographs, Uggie as Jack the Dog cannot be left out because he's one of the crown jewels of this film and is so adorable. Good boy.
Since this is a mini fashion-in-film post, I should mention the clothing in this period film. Quite honestly, it's just your standard '20s and '30s flapper fares though I did appreciate the clean simple silhouettes. In this regard I'm eagerly anticipating Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby and see how his film will hold up in the fashion front (though it's featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, who is urghhhh and Carey Mulligan, whom I do like but can we please give other newbie actresses a chance?).
Happy Valentine's Day to all, and thank you to my dear valentine Jada (I got your postcard!) ;)

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