Downton Abbey Hunting Gear

Given all the Downton Abbey obsession over on this side of the pond in recent weeks, I gather that most people have finally finished the second season in January (unlike me who could not wait and watched it all at the end of last Fall on the computer and wrote about it soon afterwards). Therefore hopefully now it is safe enough to post some stills from their Christmas Special that I found particularly inspiring. As some of you may know, I am currently in love with all things tweed that it is rather unsurprising that I would expound on just how much I am loving the hunting gear of the Christmas special.

I am not sure that I can pinpoint exactly what tickles my fancy so, but I'm sure it's a combination of the muted palette of muddy greens and browns, the textures involved and the whole tailored formality of it all. I've had some hunting experience in the past (joined my host family in boarding school in Michigan and they insisted that I should go hunting with them since it's apparently an integral part of the "American experience") and while I did not kill anything thank god, it was nowhere as glamourous I can assure you. Instead of these really pretty tweeds and riding boots, I had to wear this neon orange vest because it was hunting season and the jacket is big giant warning sign to hunters out there that I was clearly not game. Not that wearing tweeds will somehow make the whole hunting experience substantially less terrifying, but I'm sure that having these wonderful ensembles around would have made it just a tad more enjoyable. And I dare say that I wouldn't mind winter so much if there were tweed to go around. Eeek, when will Season 3 come around? I haven't got much to obsess over in nowadays with no Sherlock, Downton Abbey or Game of Thrones to keep me amused *sigh*

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