Menswear Mondays ft. Patti Smith

Here's another not so quite orthodox choice of Patti Smith! Words cannot describe how truly very awesome she is in all ways possible. Consider how much hype and image is used to sell music nowadays (ex. Rihanna, Lada Gaga, Lana del Rey etc.), Patti Smith's no bullshit raw authenticity comes across as amazingly refreshing since it all feels incredibly honest and true. No fancy ad campaigns or videos but plain ol' good music. To those who didn't read her autobiographical book Just Kids on her early artistic life with Robert Mapplethorpe (which you should by the way), she explains that her and Mapplethorpe never set out to live the typical "poor starving boho artist" life––they really just didn't have any money. Another reason I love her so much is her resourcefulness by making do with so little, and then to take it further by transforming something that is utterly ordinary to extraordinary. It takes great skill and taste to achieve what she is has done to what could simply have been boring sustenance. Her thrifty ways and creative spins on things is what makes her a major icon and inspirational figure to me. That and of course, her undeniable tomboy spirit.

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