Menswear Mondays ft. Jacques Henri Lartigue

Did I surprise anyone today by not featuring some well known old Hollywood star? Perhaps even more shocking is that Jacques Henri Lartigue is not the man in the photo but the one behind the camera. He's my new favourite photographer find of the moment and all of his pictures are equally fantastic so I urge you to check them out should you find the time. I found this photo perfectly apt in describing my current situation at school––trying to stay afloat of the flood of coursework, all the paperwork to hand in while simultaneously keeping track of the deadlines floating in my head––and still trying to look composed when I'm so not feeling 'it'. It doesn't help that the weather has taken a sharp bitter turn without the soft snow there to buoy the winter chill and lift the spirit. What makes it all the more worse is that after watching Maurice Pialat's A Nos Amours, I'm pining even harder for warmer days. I bet I can't be the only one feeling rather out of form lately, so I wish everybody a great start to a new week and look good while staying on top of their game!
Lastly, R.I.P. to Whitney Houston.

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