My Little Denim Collection

The other day a college classmate was shocked to hear that I have only three pairs of jeans. Is it really all that surprising to own so few? The reason that I own only three wasn't because I was being necessarily a "minimalist" but rather it was simple by-product of attending a school that banned the wearing of jeans (we had last Friday of the month Jeans days though!). The only acceptable type of pants were khakis or corduroys or dressy slacks for "Formal Mondays", though sometimes I got away with wearing black denim jeans since they're not too obvious and I got along with the Girls' Dean ;) With this post, you've seen all the pairs of jeans that I own.
The others include:
I guess this was kind of blessing in disguise as I never could have fallen into the denim + hoodie trap in high school even if I wanted to on lazy days. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has such a small collection despite loving wearing denim?

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