Week I of the 15-30 Project

Day #3: Set off to NYC early on the bus wearing my black sweater + pair of black denim.
Day #4: Floaty nude-pink H&M top + pseudo jodhpur pants.

Day #6: Black sweater + pair of blue denim
Day #7: Taking a break by staying in my jammies all day long with a few cups of English Breakfast tea and Netflix. Also finished The Hunger Games trilogy!

The Tally So Far (9 in total):

  • Black Sweater (has yet to make appearance in photos)
  • Red Breton Stripe Top
  • Navy Breton Stripe Top
  • Nude-pink Button Down
  • UNIQLO Blue Jeans
  • UNIQLO Black Jeans (yet to make appearance)
  • G-Star Raw Coat
  • Navy Gingham Button Down
  • Pseudo Jodhpurs

I am totally not cut out to be an outfit post type blogger from my appalling inability to do something as simple as documenting what I wear everyday. Perhaps I should note that some slack should be cut since I don't have two important blogger tools, namely a tripod with remote or a photographer boyfriend. This, coupled with my discomfort in asking family and friends to take pictures of what I wear ("NO NOT MY FACE" and "just from the collarbone to the knees") is the real reason why I haven't had a photo for everyday of week one as I'd liked. Regardless, I'll be able to replicate and photograph all the different (well also rather boring) combinations I have been wearing so far once I'm back in the safe confines of my dorm room, since all I packed for my trip to NYC are three pairs of pants (one black denim, one blue denim and my jodhpur-like pants) plus my two striped UNIQLO tops and said floaty nude-pink button down. The main focus for packing this time round was functionality, so whatever I did not absolutely have to bring, I didn't (hence the simple "outfits"). Note to self: while it's great that you actually finished packing night before (!!!), try not to do it  when you're so sleepy that you only manage to toss a few things, say 'hmmm that looks just about right' and call it a day. You will regret it.

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