Midyear Wardrobe Report

Now that my travels have ended, I have a little time to re-evaluation the state of my wardrobe. To be honest, this post is written more for myself than anything, as I try to organise my thoughts to take advantage for the summer sales everywhere in the NYC. Learning to live with a capsule wardrobe it seems has made me extremely methodical in thinking about every new purchase, which is why I bought next to nothing in Athens despite living not very far from great shopping districts.

So far my summer uniform has been mostly collared button downs and shorts, but the rising temperature has forced me to consider lighter options in the form of tanks and camisoles, which I currently do not have. The sun has also made me extremely lazy, so I am also eyeing many one pieces as well (though dresses over rompers and jump suits). Despite disliking the current trends of neon and lace, I do love the chambray shirt.

Things that I am contemplating to buy (not sponsored/affiliated links):

I've refrained from posting lists like this in the past because so very often, the idea of restructuring and building "the perfect wardrobe" end up as an easy excuse to just buy more. I have thought about this for a long time (it's almost pathetic to admit how much I thought about this), thrown away/donated what I don't need and this would be my first big shopping spree of the year. I am planning to stick to this list however I will most definitely update on this later if needed. Enjoy the summer sales people!

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