Thoughts on Streetwear

I'm back from the mini sneaker convention with my baby cousin (ok he's only a year younger but whatever) and thought it was pretty neat despite it being super small and rather unblogworthy. I just thought it was cool seeing all these kids being so enthusiastic about sneakers, even if I still don't get the hype behind Air Jordan's and Yeezy's. The irony of having young teenage males being more excited about shoes than an older teenage female (namely moi) is not lost on me either. Then again I was never really all that obsessed with shoes to begin with save for oxfords, wingtips and monkstraps (go figure). 

It is after this trip though that I have finally come to peace with the streetwear phenomenon. Granted it has since died down from it's heyday in the mid 2000s, but now I have accepted it so much as willing to incorporate elements of it into my wardrobe. Back then it was everywhere on streets and was particularly bad in HK, where you would see guys piling on trucker hats, loose baggy denim, wearing either BAPE or Billionaire Boys Club tees and of course, the damn sneakers, which drove me absolute batshit crazy. I hated how it was the uniform of ALL young straight males everywhere; it was unavoidable and the lack of originality and wannabe "thug/gangsta" culture really bothered me.

I have since loved how streetwear dialed it down a little and the way it is incorporated into mainstream male dress today. The baggy jeans are now mostly well fitted raw denim; the shirts are now replaced with button downs or cotton pocket tees. The caps and the sneakers might be still there, but at least now it's subtle and much more tastefully done. This is why I am even contemplating buying a pair of canvas Vans slip-ons instead of Chucks and maybe even a cap from Supreme from my cousin as a present (since the ones I liked were all sold out for now). I dig the androgynous air small touches of streetwear can bring to the wardrobe to keep it nicely tomboy-ish in a very simple and easy way.

I've also finally bought my Barbour jacket!!!!! I am so in love with it I can wear it all day and night long. I got the more unisex Bedale in Sage, even though I had been eyeing the Beadnell and the Beaufort online. Words cannot describe the satisfaction and joy from finally owning an item after pining after it via the interwebs for a year and a half. I LOVES IT SO MUCH TO DEATH that I was even glad it drizzled for a bit later in the day so I could whip it out and have a legitimate excuse to wear it. It will soon be in, oh I dunno, every single outfit post to come so there is no rush to see it at all right now. I didn't manage to get to other items on the list because my foot hurt too much to continue. I did mention briefly on Twitter that I probably have a stress fracture due to my overactive craziness in Greece but no worries as I already have my X-Ray taken, seeing a doctor, getting a MRI very soon, have lots of painkillers on hand (yay for relatives who are pharmacists) and access to HBO Go and Netflix (just finished Game of Thrones Season 2, catching up on White Collar and Breaking Bad and starting The Wire). Life is not all that great as of late but I am getting by with the painkillers.

P.S. I am likely to venture out to SoHo again anyway to finish my shopping as well as to catch a glimpse of a certain beautiful Matt Bomer...

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