Spoils of Spring Break

I am sorry to say that I have to postpone the post on "Norwegian Wood" because of lack of good movie stills, which I am still in the process of collecting and editing. Please just wait a little more!
That being said, I feel that the professors here are stepping up their game. With little over a month left of schooling to do, I guess this is the final leg of the race where the grades are finally being collected before we are sent off for a really long summer holiday of four months. Hence, the writing over the next few weeks may seem slightly erratic and frenetic as I try to avoid the mention of schoolwork (because who really wants to read about that?!).
And speaking of le collège d'arts libéraux, now that I am back I really wanted a new backpack for school. For the first time in my life I am having great difficulty finding "the perfect backpack" or at least one that is as close to it as possible. I have narrowed it down to two options--well only one actually but you'll see why--: ABO Gear Digger Aussie Bag Classic Canvas Backpack and Maine Guide Rucksack, Waxed Canvas. It's too bad I could only pull the image of the ABO backpack as the L. L. Bean website refuses to cooperate with me--look at it here instead.
Look at how wonderful this is! It is my no. 1 choice due to price, size and suitability but sadly it is OUT OF STOCK. I tried emailing Leatherpaks about it but all they said was that they didn't know the "ETA on the Digger yet". Does anyone know what ETA stands for? Estimated Time of Arrival? Acronyms will be the death of me. Anyhow, the L. L. Bean bag is hardly a lesser choice except that it is almost double the price. It's nice of dad to offer to pay for it since it's close to my birthday and well it is out of necessity and not pure vanity (current backpack is fall apart). Should I wait and see when Aussie bag is back in stock or should I buy American?
Anyway I didn't post much during Spring Break which is such a huge surprise since I had, pretty much, all the time in the world to do so. Maybe I was really burnt out from second semester? I keep thinking though that I have spent a lot of time on site when really, it's not so much? I think the real reason however is because there is simply so much to see/do/eat in Vancouver than say, the little town I am in in New England. Maybe it was because I was on holiday mode, I failed to bring the camera to take photos of things that are bloggable : great food and scenery. But I am most likely to go again soon so it's not like all is lost. What I do have pictures of are some of the things I bought that I thought were truly wonderful.

These oxfords were found at Aldo of all places and were reasonable at $50. Nothing fancy but I do like them very much. I can't wait to go gallivanting around campus with these babies on. Not to be too overtly greedy but I am also on the fence on whether to buy either a pair of original Hunter boots in Olive or a pair of L. L. Bean Duck boots.

Also I went on a coffee break and went back to my Chinese roots of drinking tea. I have been quite the caffeine addict lately, though I find it strange that tea is more soothing for me while coffee has it's kick. Usually I stick to the Pu Er tea that I call "Family Tea" just because every single person drinks this type on a daily basis. I love it a lot but as always, everything gets monotonous after a while so when I was out for high tea they had the Sakura Tea Set Special because it is cherry blossom season over there. This is the Hanami Impérial that is a Japanese green tea infused with the fragrance of cherry blossom petals (and the petals themselves which is so very pretty). It's too bad I couldn't find the opportunity to drink it here just yet as the housekeeper locked the kitchenette of the house (!!!). Excuse me while I try to find and borrow a water kettle. Apparently the green tea base is from Japan while the tea sommelier mixes it with other things (like the cherry blossom petals) in Paris, France. I'll remember to show some pretty pictures when I do drink it. I really wish it was some kind of applicable scent because it smells good enough to be a subtle, classy and sweet perfume. I have a soft spot for floral scents. 
That's all I really have to say for now and I'll keep everyone posted ;) 
Have a great weekend since the sun is out and finally here to stay! 


Vogue US March 1998

Chanson de la Seine, James Prévert

La Seine a de la chance, elle n'a pas de soucis,
Elle se la coule douce, le jour comme la nuit,
 Et elle sort de sa source, tout doucement sans bruit,
Et sans se faire de mousse, sans sortir de son lit,
Elle s'en a vers la mer en passant par Paris.

La Seine a de la chance, elle n'a pas de soucis,
Et quand elle se promène, tout le long de ses quais, 
Avec sa belle robe verte, et ses lumières dorées.
Notre Dame jalouse, immobile, et sévère,
Du haut de toutes ses pierres la regarde de travers.

Mais la Seine s'en balance, elle n'a pas de soucis, 
Elle se la coule douce, le jour comme la nuit, 
Et s'en va vers le Havre, et s'en va vers la mer
En passant comme un rêve au milieu des mystères,
Des misères de Paris.

La Seine a de la chance, elle n'a pas de soucis, 
Elle se la coule douce, le jour comme la nuit,
Et clle sort de sa source, tout doucement sans bruit,
Et sans se faire de mousse, sans sortir de son lit,
Elle s'en va vers la mer en passant par Paris.

Tout doucement sans bruit,
Et sans se faire de mousse,
Sans sortir de son lit,
Elle s'en va vers la mer en passant par Paris. 

Recently I've been feeling a lot comme la Notre Dame, stuck and trapped in a crazy nonsensical blogging/creative rut that has left me feeling a bit lost for words. I don't know if it is the recent Japanese quadruple conundrum of earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster(s) and small volcanic eruption but I've always thought I was the more apathetic/cynical/pessimistic of people. Nevertheless, my heart goes for my all my Japanese friends and their families (all of them are from Tokyo which hasn't experienced much damage except maybe in the case of a full nuclear meltdown).

I've recently just finished Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, and I found it was a breathtaking and most amazing a read - which I had initially it was either i) Holden Caulfield-like and end up sounding whiny and annoying or ii) megalomaniacal hipster-y book. Prejudices aside, it turned out to be a very moving read and something that sounds quite relevant - particularly to my age and surrounding circumstances. I'm thinking of doing a post on the fashion of the film that came out based on the book, that is directed by French Viet auteur, Tran Anh Hung and features Rinko Kikuchi and Matsuyama Ken'ichi (whom I absolutely adored as L in Death Note) and set in the heyday of preppy dressing of the late  1960s, what can go wrong!?

Hopefully, soon my creative juices can flow like la Seine again and start blogging about more happier, prettier things. I don't know how some bloggers out there blog for 1+, 2+, 3+ years! Kudos to you guys :)

Almost Done, Almost There

Vogue China Collections S/S 2011 

Yes that is me, gasping for air and desperate for rest (and good food! hence the slightly opened mouth). But fear not dear readers, for I am on the final paragraph of this damned French essay on « Au Bonheur des Dames » and shall find the reprieve I seek in the form of Spring break.

Expression Figurative

Have you guys heard of all the crazy things that are going on at Paris Fashion week? First there was the Dior's firing of Galliano and next are rumours of Pilati leaving YSL are coming up again, Decarnin's failure to be present at Balmain, along with more possible internal restructuring at LVMH. I don't know if anyone escaped unscathed some way or another. To placate everyone's confusion over all the Paris drama, here is the most gorgeous and inspiring Vogue Paris beauty editorial I've seen in a while (compared to the little girls in makeup? yes) in Carine Roitfeld's last issue. Is it just me, or is Melanie Ward--who styled this editorial--is doing an awful lot of work this season? 

And to end on an especially happy note, the countdown to Spring Break begins: D-6.

P.S. I also did some reorganizing of the blog that leaves part of it incomplete for now. What do you ladies and gents think? Comments and suggestions are very much welcomed.

Goodbye Galliano Too?

It's too bad my first fashion post in a while had to be about this but, this is the latest on the John Galliano and Dior issue from NYTimes by Suzy Menkes:
John Galliano’s departure as design director at Christian Dior brings to an end a wild fashion ride, in which grace, glamour and shock, in equal measure, sent the once conservative Parisian house leaping forward both in its image and its financial success.

Dior said in a statement Tuesday that it was beginning legal action to dismiss Mr. Galliano, the 50-year-old designer, whose romantic and theatrical fashion shows revitalized haute couture, following accusations of drunken anti-Semitic rants in Paris.
I have to admit Dior wasn't my ultimate favourite brand, but I did like gorging on their fabulous fantastical spectacle of a couture show, which was really fun to watch. I don't really know all the nitty gritty details over the "anti-Semitic rants" but I do hope Galliano can recover from this and move on to better things. Bon courage!

(As for image, sorry for the quality for it was hastily made.)