The Best Accessories

Currently it seems quite stupid to be blogging about bracelets and headbands when the people of Egypt are fighting to overthrow the thirty year long rule of their dictator. I hope that my conscience will let this slide because what can I do, holed up in the middle of nowhere, New England?

I've never really paid much attention to The Daily Prep. It's a great read and I respect Muffy's choices and tastes but I just thought it was never really my thing. Oh boy, oh boy was I so very wrong. You see, Muffy's the real thing -- from her name to her green and pink tote and monogrammed slippers and I am naturally, at best an impostor. This would explain the difference in our taste for certain types of things but in fact what I currently am raving about is very much what she holds in high regard (at least inferred by the chart she made, taken from her blog).

I have never been so enamoured and utterly bewitched by anything before. Yes, call me crazy but these are indeed THE BEST headbands, bracelets and belts I have ever laid my eyes on.

Aren't they so utterly and heart-wrenchingly perfect and exquisite? The details are impeccable and the price is still realistic (in the $30-$88 range). It is heart wrenching because you know that you really want EVERYTHING K.J.L. has to offer but you know very well the constraints of your purse strings. Alas, life is so unfair. But please go ahead-I know you're hungry-and feast your eyes on the beautiful things. It is my wish to start collecting the "Vicker Lee Headbands" (and they are reassuringly, the most affordable at around $30 for one). Now I just need to go find the perfect bag/tote/back pack.

Images taken from the Kiel James Patrick's site.

From the Daily Prep

An extract from the original post:
Dear Miss Muffy,

I'm seventeen years old. I love your blog and there is not a day that goes by that I do not read it! I even keep notes from it in my purse when I go shopping. I am going off to college next year and I am trying to form my wardrobe. I share most of my clothes with my mom and my sister, so I am sort of starting my own from scratch. Although I have been raised wearing preppy clothes, I am trying to establish my own preppy, classic wardrobe, while still looking youthful and I tend to have an issue when I am shopping. I buy things because they are "cute" but then, when it comes to putting outfits together, I'm stuck. Being that I am a teenager, I am on quite a tight budget. If you happen to have a moment out of your busy schedule and it would be possible to help me with some suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for reading this!

I completely understand your dilemma. It seems like one either has a choice of something "cute" as you say, or something uninspiring and dreary.

To start, what I often look for are items that are fairly classic and simple in style, but come in some great, bright colors like hot pink, kelly green, and my favorite, navy and khaki. I think the best buys are at the outlets. If you can get to a Polo Ralph Lauren outlet, that is where I would start. Sign up for their coupons, and then, if possible, combine those with a sale. I find the Ralph Lauren shirts and sweaters to be of very good quality and wear well. You might even try the Gap outlet. I haven't been there in years, but if I needed some basics, I would probably give it a look.

Lands' End and Lands' End Canvas can have some great markdowns, and if you sign up for emails, you can often get free shipping. I can't remember the last time I paid for shipping there. I used to get a lot of tops from Hanna Andersson, because of their fabulous colors and simple designs, but lately they also have been heading down the cute path. But I still look, especially at sale time.

One can also get away with more plain basics if one pairs them with accessories that "pop" like bags, headbands, bracelets, etc.

If I can think of anything else, I will let you know. Thanks again so much for writing. If you find anything good, I would love to know.

Haha, this sounds just like me...except that I am already in college! I am "building" my wardrobe piece by piece though, and I'd love to share my purchases on the blog? Like how there are haulers on Youtube maybe I can be a hauler on Blogspot?

P.S. By the way, I just managed to nab some stuff before the Lands' End epic Winter Sale was over!

Getting Started

School has just started but everything seems to be exciting and not dreary. I really hate that once it kicks in because everything just seems like a chore. Anyway, I am crazy just thinking about what to use to blog -- between wordpress, blogger and tumblr! Everything seems to get better once you learn how to use it...well.