After calling this space home for the past 2 and a half years, I have decided to move. I’ve already stated my reasons for leaving, which is because of the responsive design that the Tumblr theme can offer me. I pride myself on being up to date with technology and it bothered me greatly not to have something that would be compatible with the way that people are consuming technology nowadays. I am made all the more painfully aware due to the nature of my work at my internship now. Though many of you are still reading this blog via more traditional formats, rather than on the mobile devices, I am sure soon many of you will eventually adopt such technologies one point or the another. I personally could not stand the look of it on my iPad! 

Moreover, I’m saving up for an Google Nexus 4, so I hopefully I can finally join Instagram (which will sync all the easier on Tumblr). I know Tumblr is notorious for offering unoriginal reblogged content, but rest assured that the same kind of ramblings you see here will be seen there. I hope the domain will already redirect you there. So here's to new things ahead of us: I can’t wait for the new Of Stranger Sensibilities.

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