I've Got Mail

I feel like I haven't posted anything fun in a long time! When I did become so dry and serious?! >< My copy of Acne paper came a while ago but I had no time to fully read and appreciate it until school was cancelled Monday. Rookie Mag came in the mail today just in time for halloween :D
This halloween has been substantially better than last year's. At least there's no snow. At least there's still freakin' power and heat. There has no been damage so far from Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm this year around these parts; we were all terrified it would have been Snowpocalypse 2011 redux all over again. This year I watched Carrie (1976) on HBOGo, drank honey vanilla chamomile tea (so delish that I just might never drink English Breakfast again), avoided watching Downton Abbey ever since that dreadful episode five of season three (damn you Julian Fellowes, I have yet to recover *shakes fists*) but missing it so I'm watching BBC's The Country House Revealed instead, all the while very safe and warm inside. Though I lucked out in being relatively unaffected by Hurricane Sandy, there are still many who have (poor professors who have to commute from their powerless houses in CT included). My heart goes out to those are who affected and hopefully all will recover very soon from this.

The Conditioning of the Female Consumer

Welcome to the second installment of my "Curating + Collecting" series I started a few weeks ago. Class was cancelled today thanks to Hurricane Sandy, freeing up time for me to blog again :) For those also on the Eastern seaboard, stay safe, warm and dry!

Amy Adams + Band of Outsiders

I am not usually one for celebrity worship, but if I had to pick an actress today that I really admire it would be Amy Adams. She took my heart in ever since watching her in Miss Pettigrew Lives in a Day with Frances McDormand––she's just so talented on all fronts in both singing and acting. I did not have the chance to watch her in Paul Thomas Anderson's The Masters yet, but hopefully I will get the chance to over Thanksgiving break or something. Sharing Band of Outsider's campaign has become something of a tradition (now-ish?) on the blog and I thought these were so much fun. Some pieces in the new collections (think Spring 2013) that were a hit or miss, nevertheless on the whole Band of Outsiders is still pushing all the right buttons for me.

If you were wondering about the continuation of "Curating + Collecting" series, no worries everything's coming along though I'm still working at it. It was easy churning out that first piece – throwing down the gauntlet if you will – but it's quite another to consider the different topics you want to talk about but also the chronology and how they would relate and flow from one to the next. I'm probably over-thinking it a little however more thought and care can never hurt. Thank you for the thoughtful comments that many of you have left on the piece and letting me know that I'm not alone in thinking that something needs to change. The amount of attention is received is significant for a little site like mine. Again to reiterate, if someone would like to contribute to the series, please feel free to email me.

See the rest of the campaign on Boy. by Band of Outsiders

All Gant Rugger Goodness

Gant just posted their new holiday lookbook (not sure if it's part of their F/W 2012 collection or not...) and here it is! It's as if they already knew that I would writing about them––the pictures were already to go without my having to arrange them together in Photoshop as I have done in the past. AWESOME! If you didn't know already, I'm a die hard Gant Rugger fan. I would buy their products more often if I had a) more $$$, no duh, and b) could try them on in person as they are still menswear (and so are in menswear sizes and fits differently on the female body). In my wholly biased point of view, this collection is fantastic. They're doing what they do best, namely creating more modern but still trad-looking wares versus the preppier stuff that brands like Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger make, for which I am so thankful for since I'm much firmly in the trad camp versus the prep camp. I'm not really a suit person but I would love to get some shirts, their wide assortment of sweaters and those plaid pants (the ones at UNIQLO for women were sold out a longggggg time ago apparently *tear*). What would I give for them to create Gant Rugger for women? A Gant x UNIQLO collaboration? *Drools* Think of the possibilities people!


Curating + Collecting

I've been meaning to write more deeply about fashion for forever now, even though sadly I never got down to it. It's not that my classes are harder now than ever per se, except for the fact that I'm getting increasingly involved in school, whether it is joining the debate team for the first time or writing more for the school newspaper. Surprisingly I have actually gotten inspirational fodder for the blog from my school-related, more academic activities, especially from the art symposium my school just held two weekends ago. The symposium created around an Old Master drawings collection from an anonymous collector/alumnae who had temporarily lent her works to be shown at the school museum. All of them were world-class museum grade-worthy and it's unbelievable that they would be under the ownership of just one (albeit extremely wealthy) individual. There were a series of lectures by professors from my own school, scholars from the British Museum as well as professionals such as art dealers from the likes of Sotheby's, all talking about the different processes of collecting and art of curating. 

Fall Break

This year's Fall Break was the most intense one I've experienced in college yet. After debating at Harvard for the first time ever (debating itself, not Harvard), feasted on food truck goodies in the middle of Boston, then jumped on a bus to NYC, listened to a friend of a friend who was a soloist in a concert at NYU, bought another friend's CD (listen to them here!), visited an Opening Ceremony store for the first time and walked to High Line park while eating and shopping the entire way.

I also managed to pick up some new Uniqlo basics (read: more sweaters) and made an effort to check out their new collection in collaboration with Undercover's Jun Takahashi, although everything I liked from the collection were sold out :/ That was the only real bummer of the entire Fall Break except that I have comfort from knowing how seamlessly the sweaters will fit in with my existing wardrobe.