Notes from February

    Shirt, H&M.  Sweater, Lands' End.  Bag and pants, Zara. Gloves, Target (of all places).
Originally this post was titled, "On Our Way to Spring, Perhaps", but I guess not since it proceeded to snow all day since this morning and by the looks of it, unlikely to stop anytime soon. I hear we're going to have six inches of snow by tomorrow. This is what I wore just a few days ago guiding some school trustees around the museum. All the snow is really pretty don't get me wrong, but why now when we're exiting February and entering March? Speaking of which, it's crazy how fast February went by and it's already time for my monthly wrap up post.
  • My biggest discovery this month has to be Study Hack, this blog I discovered via Art of Manliness. Why haven't I heard of its existence in high school? Anyway I've been reading it non-stop everywhere using my iPad. I've been so dedicated and devoted to the blog's teachings that I bought Newport's book for college students and another recommended by him. All students should most definitely check the blog out, and for those no longer in school, he has some valuable advice regarding work, staying organized and increasing productivity.
  • Jil Sander returns to Jil Sander (yay) but it also means that Raf Simons is without a job. At first I thought he'd quit to work on a womenswear line but now it appears to be not the case. Hmmm, interesting. 
  • More fashion rumours for those wondering who will be the new head designer for Dior. I thought it would Raf Simons at first, however some pointed fingers at Stefano Pilati and Hedi Slimane and now Christopher Kane...round and round we go. Dear LVMH, can we just make up our minds and decide already? I already did.
  • I haven't written any real critical post so far and I was planning to write about the Chinese luxury consumers (along with a Chinese friend who has the insights to share) but then I saw this on Threadbared. Of course you would argue there is room for everyone on the internet but with their research skills (their PhDs to...I don't even have my BA yet) and comprehensive coverage of the topic, I can't help but feel any future attempts will be an exercise in futility. That being said, I just want to be strategic in the posts I write and invest my time in topics that haven't been covered yet. Don't worry that just because this idea has been shafted and put on the back burner that I'm out of ideas. I do – I just need the time (see below). This reminds that I should stop procrastinating on writing lest another idea escapes from me again.
  • On a less fashion-centric note, an alum won an Oscar for her work. Yippee! There are some good alums after all.
  • I absolutely adored this sweet post of an artist who did a illustrated book of missed connections on Craigslist on Hila's blog. There's something about a lost opportunity to connect with a potential soul-mate just tugs at my heartstrings yo. I've only used missed connections once with Jada and boy were the responses hilarious.
  • One of my favourite food blogs, "101 Cookbooks" interviewed Béatrice Peltre of La Tartine Gourmande. She has the most wonderful pictures and her new cookbook just came out! 
  • The new exhibit at the Met featuring Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada's work (!!!!). Hopefully I can catch it before I leave for Athens in late May. 
  • I finally watched 50/50! Quite possibly my favourite JGL movie yet. 
  • Vintage make up turtorial. So kewl.
  • Annnnnd of course what could be complete without Angelina Jolies' leg. Amirite?
Lastly I should note that I just dropped my Intro to Arch class after being so inspired by Study Hack. I was bored to tears in that class, especially when it involves being in the studio for three long hours in the afternoon! Sadly it's too late to add another class though instead I might just audit another class. I have enough credits anyway and I'm not behind even with only three classes this semester. Since I will now have substantially more free time, I can't wait to dedicate more time for personal projects (blog included). So exciting!!!
Reminder: there's only two more days before the website makeover giveaway ends. I'll announce the "winners" Friday night.

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